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Native  Hoop Magazine is a 501c3 Non-Profit. We were created in 2009 and became  a non-profit in 2018. We are here to promote our people in a positive manner.  All of us at Native Hoop Volunteer. This is our way of giving back to  our beautiful Native/First Nations people. We promote Native Americans/First Nations where mainstream fails. We  promote every aspect of our culture without disrespecting our traditions  and keep our integrity of ceremonies by not publishing them.  Native Hoop is not limited by a theme. Our goal is to include every  tribe across the United States and Canada.  We believe Not one person can speak for another. Not one tribe can speak  for another tribe. The best way to remedy that is to include all  tribes. Since every tribe is unique in their traditions, beliefs, and  ways, it is best to include all the tribes together to have a voice.  We have worldwide viewers and want the world to know that we are unique  and amazing. We want the world to know that Indigenous people are still  here and that we are strong.  Native Hoop is about being together and strong in one place. 


We  at Native Hoop are a movement of Native Americans/First Nations from  tribes across Turtle Island. Reaching out together for the advancement  of our people.  Building the future together: We are One people reaching together to  build a new generation, who will continue to be the inspiration of the  Elders before them. Help us make a difference in the life of someone who needs it. Together,  let’s help our young ones understand the power of our people. Native Hoop is about building the future of our young ones. To inspire  them to be motivated in all that they do, in order to be the best  possible leaders of tomorrow. We will help to the best of our ability,  to help programs that already exist, and/or help to promote new programs  that are needed. The need is there and the need is REAL! We need your  support, to reach out to them every year. Let’s work together to let all  natives know that we are all family. Be a supporter, a donor, a  volunteer. Be the One person who wants to make a difference! Join Native  Hoop!!! Come join us and be a part of the movement towards the progression of  our people. Together We Can Build! We are here to promote all Native Americans/First Nations in every  field. Whether it be other Native Americans, First Nations media, Social  media, artists, musicians, and anything positive that our people are  doing.  Let your voices be heard with Native Hoop.